SitGo Portable Travel Stool

$ 39.81

$ 79.00


Watch the first three videos below.  They play in succession.  They are Short. 

SitGo Portable Travel Stool is unique for outdoor events like hiking, theme parks, concerts and camping. This small light foldable chair attaches to your bag, pocket or stroller. The lightweight ergonomic foldup seat is collapsible and perfect for commuting, golf, backpacking and tailgating.

  • This travel leaning stick enables large adults and small kids an adjustable way to rest while standing. The compact high durability travel chair fits easily into your backpack or carry-on luggage. Adjustable lengths from 25" to 33" Travel Size 9'' X 2.5''
  • Holds up to 300 Pounds, yet weighs only 1.5 Pounds. About the weight of a bottle of Water.
  • Silicon Non-Slip sitting surface. Solid Rubber Non-Slip Foot. Not Cushioned. Not a Medical Device.
  • PLEASE Read Customer Reviews and Answered Questions to make sure this product may be suitable for you.  MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH BALANCE ISSUES.

        (Review Factory Stress Test)

      Currently only available in Blue as shown. 

      Patent Pending